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Collimation Instructions
Deluxe and Ultra Series

The Oberwerk Deluxe Series binoculars and Ultra Series have 3-point floating prism plates, normally found only on the most expensive binoculars. These floating plate systems are better at maintaining alignment, but a little more difficult to adjust than the prism tilt set-screws typically found on inexpensive binoculars. d3coll-1-500There are 3 adjustment screws per side, each under a rubber cap. One of these is easily accessible, the other two are very close to the eyepiece and are more difficult to work with. For just a minor tweak (which is all these should ever need), using the most accessible screws in the 10:00 o’clock and 2:00 o’clock position should allow enough movement to correct a slight misalignment. Start by peeling back the rubber cover on the prism covers, using just your fingers. Next, locate the rubber plug and pry loose with a jewelers screwdriver. d3coll-2-500For the Deluxe Series, using a fine phillips screwdriver, insert it straight down toward the adjusting screw, which is about 7/8″ below the prism cover (see picture at right).
For the Ultra Series, use a flat-blade screwdriver to make the adjustment. The screws are recessed, but enclosed- so it is easy to find the screwhead.

When finished, press in the rubber plug(s), and push the rubber covering back in place over the prism cover(s). The glue used normally remains tacky for some time, and usually sticks quite well. If not, use a little rubber cement to secure the rubber cover.