Oberwerk 20x110mm, 28x110mm Ultra


Oberwerk 20x110mm, 28x110mm Ultra

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This is a 16 lb. binocular. We recommend either the Oberwerk 5000 Series Tripod/Head or the Oberwerk TR3 Wood Tripod with 5000 Head.


hot2009(color)SmallThe largest members of the Oberwerk Ultra Series have huge 110mm objective lenses, with very large stepped prisms to match. These objectives gather a tremendous amount of light, resulting in the brightest and highest-quality high-power views available from any sub-$1000 binocular on the market. Very rugged construction with precise individual focusers. Of course they are fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof, and nitrogen charged. Includes our new-for-2017 Oberwerk Heavy-Duty aluminum-frame case. Available in your choice of either 20x or 28x. Note that the 28x model is a long-range binocular, the minimum focus distance 200 meters. If you need to view targets closer than that, choose the 20x model, which will focus down to 30 meters.

asy-2010starproduct_logo100wThese 110mm binoculars are 21″ long and weigh 16 lbs., so a sturdy tripod is required. We recommend either the Oberwerk 5000 Series Tripod/Head (as shown) or the Oberwerk TR3 Wood Tripod with 5000 Head.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 11 in

20x- 2.7°, 28x- 2.3°

Eye Relief

20x- 18.0mm, 28x- 14mm

Exit Pupil

20x- 5.5mm, 28x- 3.9mm

IPD Range


Minimum Focus

20x- 30m, 28x- 200m

Product Weight

16 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=21", W=10.5", H=6.5"

5 reviews for Oberwerk 20x110mm, 28x110mm Ultra

  1. Howard Doll

    Hi there folks!
    I have had both my Oberwerk Ultra (28×110), and my Deluxe (25×100) for some time now. I have enjoyed both of them! I have the perfect setup for both when it comes to star gazing. I have been using both of them so much, my other scopes have been on the back burner for more than two months!
    The views I have been getting are nothing but fantastic. The eye relief is great for me, and the stars are very beautiful. I really enjoy looking at globular, and open star clusters the most.
    I have used both of them at star parties, and many of the people there are amazed with the views. I have even turned a couple of astro imaging friends back to exploring with bino astronomy. One of them will be leaving his imaging equipment at home for the second time in a row, and bring his binoculars.
    Thanks again for these awesome binos! I am enjoying them very much!

  2. Gordon Grannis

    My first experience with the Oberwerk’s Ultra 28×110 started out less than perfect. The prisms had been jostled during shipping. I contacted the company and they promptly sent me out a new binocular. Very friendly and probably the best customer service experience I’ve ever had. Needless to say, that brief early frustration is completely gone and I have nothing but praise for the company and their product.

    The Ultra 28×110 itself is amazing. The image clarity and ease of use is beyond what I expected by a large margin. I’ve used it mainly for distance viewing from a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The detail visible on distant ships is sharp and clear and I can see markings on some of the whales passing by at a distance of nearly a mile. So far I have’t had a clear night to do any star gazing, but with the Oberwerk’s 5000 series tripod, it should be great.

    Thanks a million!

  3. mndepaul59

    I recieved my 28×110 last week. WOW! These are big boys! Well made as well. It’s a lot of dough to spend on a pair of binoculars, however, once you have them you’ll be happy you did! Just keep in mind, they are heavy boys! For me they work well. I look for things in the sky, and BTW, they are up there! I used a pair of 26×70 Russian bino’s and was shocked to see things moving around. When it’s not so $#@%$ cold out I will continue my search for the hot rods of the sky! It a blast! These will be awesome!!

  4. Dan Mawicke (verified owner)

    I never write reviews but have to make an exception here. My Ultra Series 28x110m binoculars and TR3-P wood tripod arrived today and I was floored. The quality was well-beyond my expectations – what a set up. If I paid twice as much I would still be happy. I live on the Atlantic and have elevation so I am able to scope long distances. The clarity and eye relief are perfect, not to mention the amazing powerful optics. I’m clearly seeing boats and identifying them that I can’t even see with the naked eye. Anyone considering purchasing this product – go for it – the quality of the products is outstanding! You will not be disappointed. Fantastic purchase.

  5. Todd Hargis

    Hi all. I recently received my pair of 20×110 binoculars and they are awesome so far. Perfect alignment handheld and on a parallelogram unimount. Yes I did say handheld LOL. They do weigh 16 pounds, glad I have strong shoulders. I chose the 20x version because I wanted a wider and brighter view of the sky. I’ve viewed through 25×150 Fujinon binoculars out at TSP (Texas Star Party) and I loved how bright the sky and objects were. I had my Oberwerk 25×100’s at the time and the same objects were 4x darker (100mm vs 150mm). The point I’m making here is that the 20×110’s give me a brighter view like I remember from the Fujinons did. These 20×110’s give a 37% gain in light grasp over the 25×100’s, which I still have. This was calculated by Kevin at Oberwerk and that 37% gain pushed me to buy them. I took them out to a dark location to test them, wow! Bright objects and detailed views. M51, M81/2, Omega Centauri, to name a few were excellent. I love these! I chose the binoculars instead of buying a small telescope. I highly recommend the 20x110mm because of the excellent wide field views.

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