Oberwerk Long-Range Observation

Oberwerk Long-Range Observation

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Our flagship product- the legendary 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation Binocular, with 100mm semi-apochromat triplet objectives (each objective is 4″ in diameter!), and fully broadband multi-coated optics. This is an improved version of the binocular that was so favorably reviewed in the June 2000 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine as well as the May 2003 issue of Astronomy magazine. Rotating ocular turrets allow wide-angle viewing at 25x and high-power viewing at 40x. Apparent field of view is a very wide 67°. True giants, these are two feet in length and weigh 28 lbs! For decades, this Carl Zeiss-designed binocular was available only to the East German and Chinese militaries. Now the same factories are producing these for Oberwerk for the civilian market. This is the ultimate optical instrument for terrestrial observation. If you’ve got a home with a view, enjoy it to the utmost with this magnificent instrument. Here’s an example of what you can expect to see. This binocular is available in two styles- “Classic” and “Contemporary”. The “Classic” (25/40x100M), in traditional pebble-grain black, has the look of a military antique. The “Classic” is also equipped with range-finding reticles. The “Contemporary” (25/40x100A) is finished in an automotive-quality champagne color, and has a modern high-tech appearance. Choose the style that best matches your decor. The “Contemporary” also differs from the “Classic” with an included 7×50 finder-scope and a carrying handle (removeable).

Comes complete with a sturdy wooden tripod and lightweight nylon form-fitted case.

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