8×56, 11×56 LW Binoculars

This product is discontinued. Watch for the next generation of LW models, coming soon...

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8×56, 11×56 LW Binoculars

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This product is discontinued. Watch for the next generation of LW models, coming soon...

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is discontinued. Watch for the next generation of LW models, coming soon...

Best Value Porro Prism Binocular

The highest-quality binocular you will find for just over $100. Includes the finest BAK4 prisms and is fully broadband multi-coated throughout. Heavily rubber-armored aluminum body. Also includes right ocular diopter adjustment, soft rubber ocular cover and objective covers, rugged nylon case, and neck strap. You’ll be shocked to receive this type of quality at the listed price. Check out the reviews below from satisfied customers who discovered this steal!

A Great Astronomy Binocular

The bright, wide 6° field of view makes these ideal for binocular astronomy. The 56mm objectives gather 25% more light than 50mm binoculars (surface area = pi*r2). If you’re curious about binocular astronomy, both the 8×56 LW and 11×56 LW provide a great entry point without a massive investment. Even for enthusiasts, this binocular makes for a great option to star hop. Use as a hand-held binocular or mount to a tripod with the brass 1/4-20 adapter threading. Both models offer a steady view without a tripod, but of course the 8x model will be steadiest when hand-held.

Perfect All-Purpose Binocular

The 8×56 LW and 11×56 LW are also excellent for general daylight usage. The high degree of eye relief and fold-down eyecups makes these models a great choice for those who wear eyeglasses. Excellent for viewing wildlife. If you have a home with a view, this porro prism binocular is perfect to keep by the window sill to catch any creature that may wander by in magnificent detail. Or set up a tripod aimed toward those bird feeders, ready to catch your feathered friends in action.

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Oberwerk 3000 Series Tripod

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in


Minimum Focus


Eye Relief

8x- 20mm, 11x- 16mm (usable)

Exit Pupil

8x- 7mm, 11x- 5mm

IPD Range


Product Weight

2.25 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=8.0", W=7.5", H=2.75"


8×56, 11×56

16 reviews for 8×56, 11×56 LW Binoculars

  1. Anthony Barreiro

    These are the best handheld astronomy binoculars I’ve used. I’m comparing them to Orion 7×35, Nikon 10×50, and Oberwerk 15×70’s, all fine binoculars with unique advantages, but these 8×56 binoculars are the best for handheld use. 15×70’s show much more depth and detail, but they require a tripod and parallelogram mount, too much gear and hassle if I’m traveling or just want to step out into the back yard for 15 minutes.
    These 8×56 binoculars give clear, sharp, bright images, with a wide field of view. The focus is firm and precise, with almost no drift. There is a little bit of distortion and chromatic aberration right at the edge of the field, but otherwise the image is true, and with the wide field of view the “sweet spot” is big and forgiving. I wear eyeglasses, so I appreciate the long eye relief. Compared to 10×50’s, the slightly bigger 56mm aperture really does gather noticeably more light, making it possible to see fainter deep sky objects, even at a lower magnification.
    Overall construction is solid and seem quite durable. I had to clean one of the objective lenses after it was nuzzled by an enthusiastic labrador retriever, and the lens seemed to survive cleaning with an opticloth without apparent damage to the coating.
    In contrast to the high quality of the binoculars themselves, the accessories leave much to be desired. The single “Fujinon style” ocular lens cover is so loose it falls off just taking the binoculars out of the bag. Totally useless. The objective lens covers are also a bit loose and fall off easily. The bag is rather cheaply made, and I’m not crazy about either of the supplied neck straps.
    Aside from these complaints about the lens covers, bag, and straps, this is a fine pair of binoculars, light enough for handheld use, with excellent optics, and big enough to reveal many wonders of the night sky.

  2. Brian Erickson

    These large binoculars are great for backyard astronomy. The brightness factor of 7 (8×56) reveals the faintest stars in your view. The binoculars seem well made and are sharp across the entire field. In terrestrial views, dark
    shadowed areas open up as if someone put a spotlight on your subject. Very nice for viewing birds in wooded areas. Maybe a bit heavy (2.2 lbs.) for casual use, but if you want binoculars for low light conditions, these are great!

  3. Michael Graham

    Actually, I bought the 11X56 model rather than the 8.
    When I took it out of the box, I wondered if I had really spent only $100. The fit and finish are far superior to the Celestron 15×70 Skymasters I’ve been using since 2005. The diopter adjustment proved to be excellent (important for me because I have uneven eyesight.)
    I’ve since taken the bino out for some astro work, and I’m more than just impressed. Optically, this bino is much better than the Skymasters. Star images are much brighter and sharper, even though the apertures are smaller–proof that aperture isn’t everything. The quality of the glass and the coatings make the difference.
    The FOV appears to be a bit smaller than advertised, but I can live with that; it is still enough to get all of Orion’s Belt and the Sword as far as M42. Also enough to get nearly all the Hyades in a single view. The view of M45 is almost telescope quality–it really is that good.
    As for chromatic aberration, yes, there is some, but it’s not prominent. On bright stars such as Vega and Sirius, it’s almost invisible; on the Moon, only a subtle purple haze, not enough to degrade the view. Aldebaran’s red hue is clearly visible, with no visible CA.
    On the Moon, the contrast between light and dark areas is excellent, the edge sharp, and, the large craters easily visible. Even the soft glow of earthshine on the dark side is easily seen.
    Anything to dislike? So far, nothing at all. This is really a well-made instrument–100-dollar price, 200-dollar (or more) performance. Highly recommended.

  4. Kevin Pelczarski

    Very happy with my purchase! Very fast service, I ordered them Wednesday night, and received them Friday morning. They were packaged very well, plenty of padding, and “caution: fragile instrument” stickers on the box.
    The binoculars (8×56) seem sturdy and well made. I took them outside last night in my light-polluted area, and pointed it at Orions belt. Where with my naked eyes I could see 6 stars, with the binoculars I could see what seemed like 1,000 stars. You can see a lot of detail on the moon, lots of craters and a very crisp clear image. I haven’t had the chance to look at planets yet, but am looking forward to it.

  5. Steven Bingham

    I received the 11×56 LW’s today and just got a chance to use them under the stars before clouds rolled in. I just wanted to shoot you a quick note and thank you for the easy ordering process, quick shipping, and great product. I’ve bought a couple other binoculars in the same price range and with both the alignment was off out of the box. The alignment on the LW’s was dead-on.
    I couldn’t be happier, and I’ll definitely be ordering from you again when the time comes for new binoculars (which will likely be soon, I’ve been eyeing some of the larger models).
    Thank you, and I’ll definitely be recommending you company to anyone looking for solid binoculars and great service.

  6. Jim O’ (verified owner)

    I bought these for my grandson whose just getting interested in astronomy. The binoculars arrived in two days, in perfect condition. They were very well packed and protected. There was a check-off sheet which indicated that the binoculars had been inspected just prior to shipment. The optics are great, the binoculars well balanced.

  7. Matthew Andrew (verified owner)

    I bought the 8×56 left binoculars and they are just what I was looking for! Hand holdable, but less shakes than 10x. The perfect compromise for useability, but not in quality! Great service too!

  8. Keith Dobuler (verified owner)

    I recently received my 11×56 LW binoculars. They arrived undamaged and were packaged very well. The build quality is very good; they feel solid despite being lightweight. In my opinion, at this price point, the optical performance is outstanding. The binoculars also come with a collimation certificate. Due to constantly cloudy conditions recently, first light test was brief, consisting of the first quarter moon, Venus, M-42, and Mizar and Alcor. Stars were pinpoints. Venus, despite it’s brilliance, displayed very little false color. Customer service from Oberwerk and Kevin was great, I’m definitely a repeat customer.

  9. Timothy West (verified owner)

    Really pleased with my new 11 x 56 lightweights. Had a small problem that Kevin straightened out for me immediately. Also purchased the 6.5 / 32 that I really like. Great products AND great service.

    Thanks, Kevin

  10. Mario Ramirez (verified owner)

    LW 11X56 – A phenomenal value! Sharp, clear images, a wide field of view, precise focus and long eye relief for eyeglasses wearer like me. Slight chromatic aberration at the very edge of the field when observing the bright moon, but otherwise a true, clear image. The larger 56mm aperture captures more light (than a 10X50) enabling deeper observation of planets and stars.
    Overall construction is solid. Great service, I love them! BUY THEM!!!

  11. Jeff Stark (verified owner)

    The 8×56 binoculars are a great buy. They’re easily hand-held or can be mounted on a tripod or monopod. What really impresses me is that the optics produce a very nice sharp image with excellent contrast. One look st the moon confirms that. They’re also excellent for nighttime wide-field viewing. Stars appear as pinpoints. These are great for grab and go viewing.

  12. edward Andrew

    I bought the 8×56 to replace a pair I found on eBay. Well made and I will buy the 11×56 next

  13. Bill Mullins (verified owner)

    The Oberwerk 8×56 binoculars are the best hand held binoculars I have ever used. Ordering was fast and I had my binoculars 3 days after ordering. Excellent glass with crisp, clear wide-field images of the night sky. They do a great job during the day as well. You cant go wrong with this company or their products. I would definitely buy again.

  14. Ovidiu Poparad (verified owner)

    Great view, easy to hold, but keep in mind that 8X56 LW has the narrowest AFOV from the LW series (48 deg). I also own 15x70LW and 12x60LW. I highly recommend Oberwerk!

  15. Kenneth Hubal (verified owner)

    Clear, sharp views of astronomical and nature subjects and easy to hand hold. By far better than 10×50’s and have very generous eye relief. I use them with my eyeglasses in place. Colors on birds are deep and rich and they compliment my 10×42 HD II ED binoculars very nicely!!

  16. Matthew Marakovitz (verified owner)

    For the price these are way better than you would expect. Will be sticking with this company for my future binocular purchases.

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