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Oberwerk BT-100-45 Giveaway Contest – Winner!

Congratulations to Donna T. of New Jersey, winner of the Oberwerk BT-100-45 Giveaway Contest! Donna’s name was randomly drawn by our advertising agency from a list of contest entries collected from early December through Jan. 31st. Donna won a one-of-a-kind prototype “Big Eyes” Gray BT-100-45 binocular telescope and fork mount, as well as a one-of-a-kind Slate Gray Maple TR3 hardwood tripod. The production “Big Eyes” Gray is a shade lighter than the prototype, while Slate Gray finish is only available on the poplar tripod (not maple). We wish Donna and her husband Steve many enjoyable nights of stargazing with their great new astro-gear!

2 Replies to “Oberwerk BT-100-45 Giveaway Contest – Winner!”

  1. Tom Ballou says:

    On a BT-100-45, is it feasible to replace one of the eye pieces with something like a Revolution electronic imager and use the other barrel as a 100mm scope? Do you sell single eyepieces? Is there there a simple way to install the BT-100-45 on a tracking mount?



    1. Kevin Busarow says:

      Hi Tom,
      Yes, you could place a video camera, such as the Revolution imager, on one side. We normally sell eyepieces in pairs, and would recommend that you buy them that way because you probably wouldn’t use an imager all the time. Most of the time you’ll simply want to observe using both eyes. As for a tracking mount, it would have to be an alt/az mount (not the typical equatorial) because the eyepieces need to remain level in order to comfortably view through it. I’m not aware of a go-to alt/az mount that can handle something as wide (9.75″) and as heavy (28 lbs.) as the BT-100-45. If one exists, it would probably be rather expensive.
      Kevin Busarow

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