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Photographing the Great American Eclipse with Novagrade adapters

The Great American Eclipse, the first total eclipse in the USA in 100 years, occurs Aug. 21st. Hopefully you already have solar filters for your binocular and/or telescope, as we (and most other astronomy vendors) sold out some time ago. If you are using one of our Novagrade smartphone or tablet adapters to photograph or video this event, here’s a tip that will improve the quality of what you capture. When using a solar filter, the image of the sun is relatively-dark compared to the ambient light around the adapter. The camera will adjust exposure based on the filtered sun, but this will make reflections from ambient light very apparent. The solution is to seal off the gap between the phone or tablet and the adapter. Just two strips of electrical tape is all that is needed (see picture above of the Novagrade tablet adapter mounted on the Oberwerk 20-60×82 Sport ED Spotting Scope with Thousand Oaks S-4000 solar filter).

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